Total Body Fitness Challenge

Total body fitness

sent right to your phone!

You want to look and feel better but you just don't have much extra time. Maybe you've tried fitness challenges before but they are hard to keep up with. Now you don't have to keep track of a thing...Just sign up, get the texts, and do the exercises (in only 1-5 minutes a day). IT'S THAT EASY!

90 Day Ab Challenge

90 Day Ab Challenge

to tighten up that tummy!

Join us for the 90 day ab fitness challenge! Plank, burpee, and crunch your way to a flatter stomach. Get one text message a day with your exercises and do them in 1-5 minutes per day. IT REALLY COULDN'T BE EASIER!

The Workout Challenges

30 Day Push Up Challenge

Tone those arms and get in beast mode with this awesome push up challenge.
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30 Day Plank Challenge

This month bring your core strength to the next level with the 30 day plank challenge.

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30 Day Squat Challenge

Squat your way to better leg tone and butt muscles.

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30 Day Ab Challenge

Sit up, Leg Raise, Plank, and Crunch your way to awesome abs in 30 days.

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